Medical services for seafarers

  • Medical examination and maintenance of students and cadets of Maritime Educational institutions.
  • Medical examination and certification of sea and river shipboard personnel
  • Medical examination candidates in the drivers of automobile with the issuance of the relevant documents
  • Diseases detection and treatment, prophylactic medical examination of people, who need competent medical service.
  • Independent psychophysiological testing and examination of the Maritime industry workers and other categories of specialists performing high risk works.
  • Family medicine and travel medicine
  • Consultations on maritime medicine and seafarers’ health care.
  • Research and development in the field of Maritime medicine
  • Medical law, legal support of the employers and ordinary people working with foreign companies.

Rehabilitation program

Rehabilitation program in the post-voyage period and the one along with treatment is provided in cooperation with the sanatorium rehabilitation center of Lermontovskiy sanatorium – 8, Lermontovskiy lane, Odessa city.

Cooperation and collaboration

Advisory diagnostics is carried out in cooperation with:

  • “Odessa Regional Diagnostic Center” – 1, Sudostroitelnaia str., Odessa city
  • Clinical laboratory center “Hemo-Medica Odessa” – 34/36, Ekaterinenskaia str., Odessa city.
  • Odessa TB dispensary – 56, Belinskogo str., Odessa city
  • Hospital treatment is provided in collaboration with:
  • Odessa regional clinical hospital- 22, Zabolotnogo str., Odessa city
  • “Odessa regional clinical medical center” - 1, Sudostroitelnaia str., Odessa city
  • Odessa University clinical hospital No. 7 - 10, Tenistaia str., Odessa city 

Scientific work

Advisory, organizational and methodological assistance in maritime medicine is organized in association with:

  • “All-Ukrainian Maritime Medical Association” - 9, Lermontovskiy lane, Odessa city
  •  “Institute of human ecology” of Academic Lobenko A.A.

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